Reprotoxic Test / Fertility

600 €

Indoor air quality diagnosis Measuring the contamination of your home or workplace by pollutants that affect fertility. Analysis by a certified laboratory

We spend most of our time indoors, at home or at work. An indoor environment contaminated with reprotoxic substances has proven harmful effects on the fertility of men and women:

  • Spermatogenesis disorders
  • Ovulation disorders
  • Decreased fertility capacity
  • Increased waiting time before pregnancy
  • Difficulty of nidation of embryos (spontaneous abortion)
  • Disruption of libido and sexual behaviour
  • Congenital anomalies
  • Growth and Developmental Delays (Fetus and Child)

In homes, it is common to be exposed without being aware of it, especially to phthalates and bisphenols in plastics, solvents in household products or heavy metals.

Occupational exposure is very common. Most of the time, it is ignored by staff due to lack of information or the occasional use of certain products.

What are the pollutants we are researching?

Reprotoxic pollutants present in indoor environments are heavy metals, solvents, plastic additives, pesticides (Fungicides / Herbicides / Insecticides) and flame retardants.

The complete list of reprotoxic substances sought is available here : List of Reprotoxics.

The effect of mixtures of several reprotoxics is often much more harmful than the sum of their individual effects (cocktail effect), so it is recommended to search for as wide a range of substances as possible.  
To achieve this YOOTEST searches for reprotoxics in dust samples and in an air sample.

What are the benefits of using a YOOTEST Fertility?

YOOTEST allows you to test with great precision the pollution of your indoor environment by reprotoxic substances.

  • Dust AND air analysis for a wide research spectrum.
  • Samples are very simple to perform and do not require any technical or scientific expertise.
  • Your samples are analyzed by a certified laboratory selected for its expertise in the analysis of reprotoxic substances in air and dust.
  • Laboratory measurements using state-of-the-art technologies that guarantee sensitivities below the international health reference values.  
  • International prepaid return of samples included.

Available within 15 working days, your analysis report :  

  • Presents the concentration of each reprotoxicant analyzed expressed in ng/g (nanogram of reprotoxics per gram of dust) and in µg/m3 (microgram per cubic meter of air).  
  • The result is compared to the values of the main international standards and allows the interpretation of the level of indoor air pollution.
  • Gives clear indications to identify the sources of the detected pollutants.
  • Proposes simple and effective solutions to improve the quality of your indoor air on a daily basis.
  • Presents the main reliable technologies to purify your indoor air.

What does your YOOTEST Fertility test kit include?

  • A passive sensor for air analysis.
  • A vacuum cleaner nozzle equipped with a filter for dust sample collection.  
  • A step-by-step instruction manual describing the operations to be carried out to take your samples.  
  • A sampling sheet to indicate the parameters necessary for the interpretation of the results in the laboratory (sampling location, sampling dates and times, etc...).  
  • A prepaid return envelope for transporting your sample to the laboratory.
  • The analysis of your sample by a laboratory specialized in indoor air and dust analysis.  
  • A detailed and interpreted report with indications to identify sources of pollution and advice to improve the quality of your indoor environment.

How to use your YOOTEST Reprotoxic Pack?

  • The contamination of the indoor environment by reprotoxics is evaluated by their measurement in dust samples and in an air sample.
  • The passive sensor must be placed in the room to be analyzed for a period of 7 consecutive days.  
  • The dust sampling device consists of a nozzle to be attached to the hose of your vacuum cleaner including a filter.  
  • Once the sampling is completed, the filter and the sensor are returned to the laboratory with the sampling sheet and using the pre-paid envelope included

How many pack do I need?

A YOOTEST Fertility Pack should be used for a maximum surface of 650 to 850 sq. ft. (60 to 80 m²).