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Breathing an air that won’t harm your health is essential

The air we breathe indoors is far more polluted and harmful to our health than the air outside. Because health is our most precious asset, YOOTEST informs you through articles on the indoor environmental topics and helps you improve the quality of the air you breathe in your daily environment.

Scientific research shows that our indoor environment is contaminated by numerous biological and chemical pollutants that are dangerous to one’s health because they are suspected carcinogens, neurotoxins or endocrine disruptors. This pollution is responsible for respiratory illnesses like asthma that affect more than 100 million people worldwide according to the World Health Organization (WHO).  As we spend about 80% of our time indoors, the quality of the air in our indoor environment has become a major public health concern and it is essential to have a close look at the inside our living spaces.

Daily, we breathe over 14kg or 500 ounces of air, drink about 2 liters or 70 ounces of water and eat less than a kilogram or 35 ounces of food. Logically the air that we breathe should be our first concern

The pollution of the air in the indoor environment takes multiple shapes and has multiple origins. Because it is essential to be able to measure this pollution precisely to efficiently preserve your health and of those living with you, YOOTEST has developed a wide range of testing kits that are very easy to use while benefiting from the expertise of the scientists working in analysis laboratories specialized in the quality of indoor environment.

House, office, transportation, shops… We spend 80% of our time indoors !

Furniture, paint products, household products, solvents, these items contain chemical gases that are toxic and suspected carcinogens like formaldehyde or benzene that build up in indoor environment.  The YOOTEST Indoor Air Tests range allows you to know if these volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are present at levels dangerous to your health and the advice given in the report will help you eliminate those undesired guests.

80% of people think that they have a good quality of indoor environment, when in fact 80% of the houses are over the formaldehyde level recommended by health authorities

Plastics (bisphenol & phtalates), chemical additives like flame retardants (organochlorines & organobromines) or pesticides (insecticides, fungicides & herbicides) invade our daily lives.

These chemicals have multiple effects on our health and are attached to small dust particles that we inhale on a daily basis.

They particularly affect young children that play on the floor and who are extremely affected by endocrine disruptors.

The YOOTEST Chemical Pollutions and YOOTEST Pesticides ranges of tests allow you to know if these semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOC) are present in your indoor environment and if they pose a threat to your health.

The advice in your analysis report will help you limit their presence in your living area.

Bedding, stuffed animals, rugs, carpets are ideal places for mites to develop. These microscopic spiders produce a protein in their droppings. For those allergic to this protein they can suffer ocular irritation (conjunctivitis), inflammation of the mucous membrane inside the nose (rhinitis), as well as severe asthma attacks.

Moisture problems or water damage can lead to favorable conditions for molds to develop and they actively participate in the biological pollution of indoor environment. These microscopic spores produce allergens and mycotoxins that can trigger a pulmonary aspergillosis.

Molds and mites are present in small particles of dust. The YOOTEST Biological Pollutions tests allow you to measure the levels of allergens and to know if they pose a threat to someone who is allergic.

It also enables you to identify and measure the level of molds to know if you are exposed to these pathogenic organisms.

Levels of indoor pollution are alarming but oddly enough very few people act in accordance

To help you find the solution that best suits your needs, go to our diagnosis area and select the type of room that you want to check. For every room in your house or office the most likely pollutants are listed as well as their probable origins. We will present you the best suited tests for each type of pollution to help you choose the right kit.

You can also select a type of test in our solution zone and have a reading of its specifics, technical information and a complete listing of the analyzed parameters.

Last but not least our customer support is here to help you and bring you answers to questions you might have on indoor environment quality.