IAQ Test Open Spaces and Meeting Rooms

540 €

Indoor Air Quality testing in Open Spaces and Meeting Rooms in companies. Analyses carried out by a certified laboratory.

Open-space offices and meeting rooms are corporate spaces where we spend a large part of our days and where the air we breathe may be contaminated by pollutants from multiple sources.

In addition, the presence of several people in a room for long periods of time leads to a significant increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) content.

Indoor air quality in a meeting room or open-space is essential for effective group work. The presence of certain pollutants can have a direct effect on the ability to think, the decision-making process and more generally on operational efficiency.

Indoor air in open spaces and meeting rooms can be polluted by many chemical substances:

  •  Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
  •  Flame Retardants (COSV)
  •  Plasticizers (phthalate and bisphenols, etc.)
  •  Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

These pollutants present proven health risks:

  • Respiratory tract irritation and lung disorders
  • Cephalalgia and migraines
  • Asthma and allergies
  • Carcinogenic effects
  • Neurotoxic effects
  • Reprotoxic effects on fertility
  • Endocrine disruptors

YOOTEST proposes an " All-in-One " analysis kit in order to carry out a complete assessment of the indoor air quality of your open-space or meeting room.

How to measure the indoor air quality in your office, open-space or meeting room?

YOOTEST Open-Space and Meeting Room allows you to accurately measure indoor air pollution by CO2, VOCs, flame retardants and plasticizers.

You can easily carry out air and dust sampling in your office with the devices provided.

The carbon dioxide is measured with an electronic sensor with an infrared detector allowing a measurement every 10 minutes. The results of the sensor measurements are extracted from the sensor with the help of software.

You return your samples and the electronic sensor with the pre-paid envelope included.

Our expert laboratory analyzes your samples and issues a complete analysis report for each type of analysis as well as a synthesis report including advice on how to improve the quality of your indoor air.

What are the pollutants we are researching?

    Carbon dioxide (CO2)

The complete lists of substances searched for are available here :

Two levels of analysis are proposed:

Analysis of the most dangerous chemicals, classified as high priority for health by international health authorities (WHO, US EPA, ANSES and HEALTH CANADA).

Analysis of all chemicals from the ESSENTIAL level as well as an extended list of other commonly encountered indoor air pollutants for which health concerns exist.


What are the advantages of using the YOOTEST pack?

  • All in one" pack that allows you to test the indoor air quality of your office, open-space or meeting room with great accuracy.
  • Sampling is very simple to perform and does not require any technical or scientific skills.
  • Your samples are analyzed by a certified laboratory selected for its expertise in indoor environment analysis.
  •  Laboratory measurements using state-of-the-art technologies that guarantee sensitivities below international health reference values.
  •     International prepaid return of samples included.

Your analysis reports: available within 15 working days.

  • Presents the concentration of each pollutant analyzed.
  • The result is compared to the values of the main international standards and allows to interpret the level of indoor air pollution.
  • Propose simple and effective solutions to improve the quality of your indoor air on a daily basis.
  • Presents the main technologies available to purify your indoor air.

What is included in the YOOTEST package for offices, open spaces and meeting rooms?

  • Step-by-step instructions describing the operations to be carried out to take your samples.
  • Two passive sensors: the first one used for formaldehyde and aldehydes sampling, the second one for other VOCs sampling, including benzene.
  • An electronic sensor to measure CO2, temperature and humidity with a recorder and an autonomy of several weeks.
  • A vacuum cleaner nozzle equipped with a filter allowing the collection of dust samples.
  • A sampling sheet to indicate the parameters necessary for the interpretation of the results in the laboratory (sampling location, dates and times of sampling, etc...).
  • A prepaid return envelope for the transport of your samples and the electronic sensor to the laboratory.
  • The analysis of your samples by a laboratory specialized in indoor air and dust analysis.
  • The export of the measurements from the electronic CO2 sensor.
  • A detailed and interpreted report for each analysis with advice to improve the quality of your indoor environment.
  • A synthesis report that presents the interpreted results of the analyses taken as a whole.

How to use your YOOTEST Pack for offices, open spaces and meeting rooms?

  •  The measurement of VOCs of concern in indoor air is carried out using passive sensors, which contain the media to capture the VOCs.
  •  The CO2 measurement is carried out with an electronic sensor.
  •  These sensors must be placed in the room to be analyzed during the occupation of the premises over a period of 4.5 consecutive days (from Monday morning to Friday evening).
  •  At the end of these 4.5 days, the sensors are returned to the laboratory with the sampling form, using the prepaid envelope provided.
  •  Contamination of the indoor environment with plasticizers and flame retardants is assessed by measuring them in a dust sample.

After sampling, the sensors and the dust sample are returned to the laboratory with their sampling forms, using the prepaid return envelope provided.

How many packs do I need?

It is recommended to use one test for a maximum area of 650 to 850 square foot (60 to 80 m2).
If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us to describe the configuration of the place.