IAQ Diagnosis Offices & Meeting Rooms

150 €

Indoor air quality audit of an office, open-space or meeting room. Interpreted report and advice for healthy indoor air by an IAQ expert.

Asthma, allergies, headaches, dizziness, cancer, hormonal dysfunction, indoor air pollution affects health and diminishes the ability to understand and think.

The prevention of indoor air pollution is now a public health priority. This requires a better knowledge of the state of indoor air quality in buildings, the implementation of preventive and improvement actions and the control of indoor air pollution levels.

Why conduct an indoor air quality assessment?

Indoor air pollution originates from the improvement of the energy performance of buildings (insulation and increased containment) combined with the multiplication of sources of pollution inside workplaces.

As we spend more than a third of our day at the workplace, good IAQ is essential to prevent health risks and improve work performance.

Before taking indoor air quality measurements, it is recommended that a comprehensive workplace audit be conducted to assess specific pollution risks and to implement an indoor air quality improvement strategy.

How do I conduct an indoor air quality assessment?

YOOTEST helps you to carry out an indoor air quality assessment of your offices and meeting rooms.

Assessing the indoor air quality of a workplace requires the knowledge of precise information on the outdoor environment and on each room.

This information concerns in particular the furniture, walls, floor, cleaning, ventilation, heating and uses ...

YOOTEST teams have developed a comprehensive online questionnaire to obtain this information. The interpretation of the answers allows YOOTEST experts to propose an accurate assessment of indoor air quality.

What are the benefits of performing an IAQ diagnosis?

A self-assessment is the first step in finding out the indoor air quality status of an office or meeting room. It allows for:

  • To identify the main sources of indoor air pollution
  • Know how to take effective action to improve IAQ on a daily basis
  • To identify pollution that is a risk to health
  • To guide the choice of priority analyses to be carried out to control ambient pollution levels

What's in your IAQ Assessment Report?

The assessment report is available within 10 days of receipt of the completed questionnaire and contains:

Recommendations resulting from the study of the answers to the questionnaire by an Indoor Air Quality expert:

  • Personalized advice on the risks of indoor air pollution
  • A Personalized Action Plan for Improving IAQ
  • Essential information on indoor air quality

How many diagnoses are carried out in a workplace?

The IAQ assessment proposed by YOOTEST focuses on one room in the workplace.

It is recommended to perform an assessment for each of the main rooms in the workplace.

If the rooms and their furnishings are strictly identical, only one assessment is required for these rooms.

What discounts for the diagnosis of several parts?

If you carry out several diagnostics, you can benefit from discounts for two or more diagnostics.

  • Between 2 and 4 diagnostics, 5% discount.
  • Between 5 and 9 diagnoses, 10% discount
  • From 10 diagnoses, 20% discount