Bedroom Pack

840 €

Indoor air quality diagnosis. Measures the pollution of the indoor environment in a bedroom. Test with laboratory analysis.

Bedrooms are places where you spend a lot of time resting your body. Indoor air can be polluted by many chemicals such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), flame retardants, pesticides and plasticizers, and biological substances such as dust mite allergens.

These indoor environmental pollutants present proven health risks such as asthma and allergies, carcinogenic, neurotoxic, adverse reproductive effects, fertility and developmental effects, and endocrine disruptors .

It is important to limit exposure to these toxic substances, especially for children and pregnant women.

The Pack YOOTEST Chamber allows to measure precisely indoor air pollution by VOCs, mite allergens, flame retardants, pesticides and plasticizers.

This analysis kit is composed of the following tests:

  • Indoor Air
  • Mites
  • Domestic Pesticides
  • Flame Retardants
  • Plasticizers


  1. You carry out the air and dust sampling in your living room with the devices provided.
  2. You return your samples with the prepaid envelope included.
  3. Our expert laboratory analyses your samples and issues a complete analysis report for each test as well as a summary report including advice on how to improve the quality of your indoor air.

Two levels of analysis are proposed:

The ESSENTIAL level analysis focuses on the most hazardous chemicals that have been classified as high priority for health by international health authorities including WHO, US EPA, ANSES and HEALTH CANADA.

The INTEGRAL level analysis includes all ESSENTIAL level chemicals as well as an extensive list of other common indoor air pollutants of health concern.

What are the pollutants searched for in the YOOTEST Room Pack?

The complete lists of the searched substances are available here:

What are the benefits of using a YOOTEST Room Pack?

The YOOTEST Room Pack is an "all-in-one" kit that allows you to test the indoor air quality of your bedroom with great precision. The selected pollutants are measured in the laboratory using state-of-the-art technology to guarantee sensitivities below the international health reference values for the most dangerous air pollutants present in indoor air.

  • Sampling is very simple to carry out and does not require technical or scientific expertise.
  • A step-by-step instruction manual describing the operations to be carried out to perform your indoor air sampling is provided with the unique identifier of your analytical test.
  • The international prepaid return of samples is included in your kit.
  • Your air and dust samples are analyzed by a certified laboratory selected for its expertise in indoor environment analysis.

Available within 10 working days, your analysis reports :

  • Presents the concentration of each pollutant analyzed.
  • The result is compared to the values of the main international standards and allows you to interpret the level of indoor air pollution.
  • Propose simple and effective solutions to improve the quality of your indoor air on a daily basis.
  • Presents the main technologies available to purify your indoor air.
  • A synthesis report is then written by our experts and presents the interpreted results of the analyses taken as a whole.

What does the YOOTEST Bedroom Pack include?

  • Step-by-step instructions describing the operations to be carried out to take your samples.
  • Two passive sensors: the first one used for formaldehyde and aldehydes sampling, the second one for other VOCs sampling, including benzene.
  • A vacuum cleaner nozzle equipped with a filter for collecting dust samples.
  • A sampling sheet indicating the parameters necessary for the interpretation of the results in the laboratory (sampling location, dates and times of sampling, etc...).
  • A prepaid envelope for the transport of your samples to the laboratory.
  • The analysis of your samples by a laboratory specialized in indoor air and dust analysis.
  • A detailed and interpreted report with advice on how to improve the quality of your indoor environment.


 How to use your YOOTEST Bedroom Pack?

The measurement of VOCs of concern in the indoor air is carried out using passive sensors, which include the supports to capture the VOCs.

These sensors must be placed in the room to be analyzed for a period of 7 consecutive days.

At the end of these 7 days, the sensors are returned to the laboratory with the sampling sheet, using the prepaid envelope provided.

Contamination of the indoor environment by pesticides, plasticizers and flame retardants is assessed by measuring them in a dust sample.

The dust sampling device included in the pack consists of a nozzle to be attached to the hose of your vacuum cleaner and including a filter.

Once the sampling is completed, the filter is returned to the laboratory with the sampling sheet and using the included prepaid envelope.

How many packs do I need?

Only one pack is needed to make a complete assessment of a bedroom indoor air quality.