Indoor Air Quality Professionals

Indoor air pollution is now considered by the authorities and the population as a major public health problem. Indoor air quality (IAQ) is everyone's business since it affects most of the buildings in which we spend up to 80% of our time.

Industries, businesses, communities and individuals are now becoming aware of the health issues and the socio-economic costs involved and are increasingly committed to preventing health risks for occupants.

One concept reflects these concerns: The Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

The sustainable improvement of indoor air quality cannot be improvised and progress in this area requires a personalized, serious and efficient scientific and technical accompaniment by professionals in the field of indoor environment in buildings.

All the places that we frequent daily can be concerned: homes, workplaces or Public Facilities (ERP).

YOOTEST offers solutions for diagnosis and measurement of IAQ and accompanies professionals in their evaluation and improvement processes.

Our range of IAQ tests covers current regulations and allows to anticipate the evolution of regulations with the search for emerging pollutants and substances of high concern for health.

Which professional activities require Indoor Air Quality analyses?

YOOTEST works with many professionals, in many fields, providing them with analyses specific to their activities :

Design and control office

Expert in Indoor Air Quality and Workplaces

Conducting IAQ measurement campaigns in homes, offices, industries and workshops.

Climatic engineering

Ventilation and Air Treatment

Monitoring the performance of facilities on IAQ improvement.

Fire Decontaminator

Detection of toxic fire markers before (for personnel and occupants) and after intervention (for experts and occupants).

Real Estate Diagnostic

Diagnosis and control of IAQ in homes and offices.

Real estate developer


Project Manager

Project Management Assistant

IAQ check upon delivery of the building.

IAQ certification for residential/office buildings.

Social landlord

IAQ Control in Leased Buildings.

IAQ certification housing.

Co-ownership manager

Proposing IAQ assessments to co-owners.

Social and Economic Committee

IAQ assessment of workplaces in offices, meeting rooms, workshops, and laboratories.

Evaluation of occupational exposure to chemical agents.

Corporate Health, Safety and Environment Manager

Assessment of occupational risks related to IAQ and exposure to chemical agents.


Evaluation of IAQ at the workstation.

Employee representative committee

Propose IAQ measures to staff.

Lawyer / Bailiff

Indoor air pollution observation.

Analyses following industrial incidents (pollution, fires).

Human Resources Manager

Verification and valorization of good work conditions in the company.


Indoor air pollution after renovation work or a disaster.

Mutual insurance

Promotion des actions de prévention des risques pour la santé liée à la QAI.

Childhood specialist

Monitoring of the absence of pollution in childcare facilities.

Indoor Environment Medical Advisor

Healthy Housing Advisor

Green Ambulances

Measurement of indoor air pollution in patients' living quarters.

Supporting patients in improving their living conditions.

Health Care Professional


Helps to identify certain causes of pulmonary pathologies (asthma, allergies, COPD ...), fertility, pregnancy and hormonal disorders.

Accompanying patients in improving their living conditions.


Testing campaigns.

Sharing of results in the framework of participatory science.

Real Estate Agency

Accompaniment of owners to enhance the value of their property.

Ensuring the sanitary condition of real estate for buyers and tenants.

Company manager

Verification of good labor conditions.

Assessment of occupational exposure to chemical agents.

Improvement of employee performance.

Decrease in employee sick leave.

Anticipation of occupational diseases.

Professional Union

Provision of a legally enforceable IAQ baseline.

Employers' Union

Anticipation of occupational diseases.

Identification and validation of best professional practices.

Design of control tools and reference framework for IAQ at work.

Association / Citizen Collective

Identification of indoor air pollution that may pose a risk to public health.

Investigative reporter

Obtaining analytical results to support an investigation.

Policy maker

Obtaining analytical results for decision support.

Identification of a risk to public health.


Obtaining analytical results to support conclusions.

Hygiene department

Control of the salubrity of dwellings, businesses and premises open to the public.

Administrative Services

IAQ assessment of workplaces in offices and meeting rooms.

Assistance with regulatory compliance.

Improvement of employee performance.

Decrease employee sick leave.

Interior designer

Renovation and decoration company


IAQ control upon delivery of the work.

IAQ certification for residential/office buildings.


YOOTEST offers certified laboratory analysis, the guarantee of precise and reliable analytical results, with a controlled cost. Our offers, available internationally, include:

  • Sending of sensors
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Quickly available results and analysis reports
  • Prepaid return of samples


YOOTEST solutions cover a wide range of substances with effects:

  • Allergizers
  • Carcinogens
  • Mutagens
  • Reprotoxics
  • Teratogens
  • Neurotoxics
  • Endocrine disruptors


YOOTEST analyses the pollutants of greatest concern in indoor air:

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium, arsenic
  • Semi-volatile organic compounds (COSV) such as pesticides, plasticizers, flame retardants, combustion residues ...
  • Allergens (mites)
  • Mold

The YOOTEST team is listening to your projects and your expectations.