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Sydney air pollution: Why and how to test for indoor air pollution with bushfire residues

During the southern summer period, south-western Australia and the Sydney area are affected by large-scale bushfires with more than 3 million hectares burned. Due to the extreme heat at this time of year, the fires in December 2019 were particularly large and spectacular. Sydney's streets, residential areas and business districts were affected by smoke from the fires. The air pollution is not without short-term and long-term risks to the health of residents.


How to make the link between a soot sample and the industrial accident at the SEVESO Lubrizol site in Rouen?

The fire at Lubrizol's SEVESO plant caused unparalleled pollution in Rouen and the municipalities along the Rouen-Lille road. The fumes loaded with soot, oils and chemicals contained in the burned warehouse were deposited on soils, buildings and waterways. While it is difficult today to measure the impact of this pollution on Man and the Environment, it is nevertheless possible to search for the specific pollutants linked to this industrial accident.


Lead Pollution Diagnostic Kit for Housing and Offices

The lead pollution episode of the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral fire reminded us how dangerous lead is to health. This toxic metal is classified as an international public health priority and integrated into health policies in many countries such as the United States, Canada and the European Union.


Impact of forest fires on indoor air quality in California

As every year, fires devastate hundreds of hectares of forests in California. These fires generate large quantities of smoke loaded with toxic ash and combustion residues such as Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs). These chemical molecules are identified by health authorities as carcinogenic to humans and toxic to the environment.


Bisphenol-S a plasticizer that pollutes indoor air?

Due to its endocrine toxicity, Bisphenol-A (BPA) has been substituted by Bisphenol-S (BPS). BPA is found in the indoor air of homes and offices and its replacement has introduced BPS into our daily lives.


Pollution with lead: Diagnose your apartment to avoid intoxication

YOOTEST has already published several articles to provide information on the dangers for Parisians of lead exposure released by the fire at Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral. The combustion of the spire and roof of the historic building produced lead pollution of the environment nearby and over several kilometres. The news site Médiapart alerts on a new "health scandal".


Plants to purify indoor air?

Regularly articles in the press or on the Internet praise the virtues of indoor air pollution treatment by plants.


Lead poisoning risk for Parisians?

Following the Notre Dame de Paris fire, during which hundreds of tons of lead were released into the atmosphere, concern is now rising following articles published in several newspapers announcing that a child living near the cathedral had a blood lead level exceeding the health threshold of 50 micrograms of lead per litre of blood (µg/L).


Why are young children more exposed to pesticides?

This is the conclusion of the National Research Council (NRC) report "Pesticides in Infant and Child Nutrition" and this sentence must be understood to assimilate why young children are more vulnerable to pesticides than adults.