How were the agricultural pesticides measured during the EXPORIP campaign selected?

Générations Futures and YOOTEST are organizing a participatory campaign to measure agricultural pesticide residues linked to agricultural spraying. This campaign is called EXPORIP for EXPOsition des Riverains aux Pesticides.

Pesticides applied to crops by spraying drift and contaminate the areas near the crops. Are the distances provided for in the legislation sufficient to protect local residents from agricultural pesticide residues? This is the purpose of this unprecedented measurement campaign.

A wipe sampling kit has been developed to sample a glass surface. It allows the collection of pesticide residues deposited on the windows of a building. The wipe is then sent to the YOOTEST laboratory for the measurement of pesticides.

For economic reasons, it is not possible to carry out an analysis of all existing products. A list of 30 phytosanitary products has been elaborated with the following criteria:


  • The quantities used based on the information of pesticide sales for the year 2019 and available in the National Bank of Sales of phytopharmaceutical products by authorized distributors (BNVD).
  • AASQA data on ambient air pollution by pesticides measured in monitoring stations installed in cities.
  • Pesticides authorized for agricultural applications in 2021 (ANSES)
  • Pesticides analyzed by the YOOTEST analysis laboratory (List of measured pesticides)
  • Pesticides with a biocide use (preparations available for individuals in the trade) have been excluded to ensure that the products found are of agricultural origin.


The list is composed of :

  • 18 Herbicides
  • 10 Fungicides
  •  2 Insecticides

The following table presents all the pesticides selected for the measurement campaign according to the quantities sold in France during the year 2019.

Name CAS# Category Endocrine disruptor Total quantity sold (kg)
Prosulfocarbe 52888-80-9 Herbicide   3947315
S-metolachlore 87392-12-9 Herbicide   1477142
Pendimethaline 40487-42-1 Herbicide X 1370255
Chlortoluron 15545-48-9 Herbicide X 930012
Propyzamide 23950-58-5 Herbicide X 713969
Diflufenicanil 83164-33-4 Herbicide   394023
Aclonifen 74070-46-54 Herbicide   382993
2,4-D 94-75-7 Herbicide X 350548
Metamitrone 41394-05-2 Herbicide X 350548
2,4-MCPA 94-74-6 Herbicide X 298200
Phosmet 732-11-6 Insecticide 242392
Dicamba 1918-00-9 Herbicide X 182229
Fluroxypyr 69377-81-7 Herbicide 137134
Cyprodinyl 121552-61-2 Fongicide 122156
Terbuthylazine 5915-41-3 Herbicide X 122948
Pyraclostrobine 175013-18-0 Fongicide 122156
Phenmediphame 13684-63-4 Herbicide 119057
Fluopyram 658066-35-4 Fongicide 116473
Spiroxamine 118134-30-8 Fongicide 108141
Ethofumesate 26225-79-6 Herbicide 104929
Boscalid 188425-85-6 Fongicide X 100025
Ametoctradine 865318-97-4 Fongicide 78773
Dimethomorphe 110488-70-5 Fongicide X 71338
Trifloxystrobine 141517-21-7 Fongicide 59315
Oryzalin 19044-88-3 Herbicide X 58679
Clomazone 81777-89-1 Herbicide 54333
Fluopicolide 239110-15-7 Fongicide 46159
Lenacile 2164-08-1 Herbicide 42234
Fluazinam 79622-59-6 Fongicide 39942
Pyrimiphos-methyl 29232-93-7 Insecticide 28128


Although widely used in France, glyphosate has not been included in this list because it requires a specific analysis protocol different from that applied to other pesticides.

This list includes plant protection products suspected of having endocrine disrupting properties and of producing health effects at very low doses of exposure (source: List of Potential Endocrine Disruptors). These products are particularly at risk for the health of pregnant women and young children.



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EXPORIP: 1st national campaign to study agricultural pesticide drift. Test conducted in laboratory.
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