Who are we ?

YOOTEST was born from the observation that pollution of the indoor environment of homes and professional premises is widespread and seriously harms human health.

YOOTEST is a brand of SAS Science Concept created in 2019 and based in Strasbourg, France.

The creation of YOOTEST was made possible by the meeting of an entrepreneur in the scientific field, an expert in marketing and commerce and a scientist specialized in indoor air quality.

Its vocation is to offer both professionals and individuals reliable and economical solutions for indoor air quality diagnostics, laboratory analysis, direct reading analysis kits and indoor air pollution treatment solutions.


Pierre MULLER Ph.D. / President

Chemical Engineer, Doctor of Science, Teaching in "Pollution and Nuisance" (Master's degree in Environmental Law) at the Faculty of Law of Strasbourg.
At the origin of the creation of LEM, CHEMTOX ET IRES laboratories specialized in environmental analytics, leader in the analysis of emerging pollutants and innovative technologies in the complete process that goes from simplified sampling to a comprehensible and useful analysis report for effective actions to improve our living environment.

These developments have initiated the creation of ScienceConcept, which aims to be a tool for the dissemination of cutting-edge analytical technologies, in particular those of the IRES laboratory, in close collaboration with its scientists.
ScienceConcept is particularly attentive to the needs of companies, associations and individuals to provide them with all the technologies for evaluating their environment as well as the most reliable related solutions.

Vincent PEYNET Ph.D. / Scientific Director

With a scientific background in chemistry, I have worked for more than 20 years in different laboratory sectors (environment, pharmaceutical, nuclear, defense, teaching) and in the management of collaborative scientific projects also known as Open Science.

The transmission of knowledge is very important and since 2014 I am in charge of teaching on air quality and indoor environment at the University of Strasbourg for students in DUT, Licence and Master.

With more than 10 years of experience on indoor air quality, my knowledge in this field allows YOOTEST to propose reliable, innovative and efficient solutions for indoor air quality measurement and treatment of its pollution.


Grégory ANDRE M.D. / Sales Director

Holder of a Master 2 in International Business and Intercultural Negotiations, I am an entrepreneur with several companies to my credit.
Following Vincent's work in the field of air quality for many years, knowing his seriousness, his recognized scientific skills and his personal commitment to fight against the effects of pollution, I decided to join his team when Science Concept was created.