Are anti-flea treatments a cause of brain tumours among children?


Pesticides are suspected of increasing the risk of developing brain tumours, but it is difficult for researchers to conduct research on the subject. Most often these studies involve groups of individuals who are exposed in their work such as farmers.

In addition, it is generally difficult to isolate the effects of pesticides from the effects of other hazardous substances to which these populations are exposed, such as solvents, fuels and animal-borne diseases and infections.

Who is at risk from household pesticides?

Anyone can be affected, but children are most likely to be exposed, during pregnancy or after birth, through the indoor environment of the home.

What is a domestic pesticide?

Domestic pesticides are the chemicals used in homes to get rid of insects, cockroaches, termites, ants, mumps, collars and flea treatments for pets, plant treatments such as herbicides, fungicides and insecticides...

Can you be poisoned by pesticides when treating your pets?

A study, conducted by the University of Southern California (USC), on more than 500 families with years of follow-up, looked at mothers and their children to determine a link between the use of household pesticides and the development of brain tumors on children.

In the results, it was indicated that pesticides used in the treatment of fleas and ticks may be responsible for an increased risk of brain tumors in young children. It is therefore essential to avoid using this type of product during pregnancy or when a young child is present.

Do pesticides stay in the air for long?

The study began in 1984, its results were reported in 1997, and some of these products have sufficient resilience to remain in our indoor environments to this day.

How do you know if your indoor air contains pesticides?

The best method is to collect dust, as the pesticides stay there for a long time, and have it analyzed in the laboratory. This way you will know exactly which molecules are present and in which quantities.


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