Toxic chemicals compromise the reproductive capacity of the population.


In an article published by online magazine The intercept, journalist Sharon Lerner interviewed epidemiologist Shanna Swan.

In her book with the explicit title "Countdown, How Our Modern World Threatens Sperm Count, Alters the Development of Male and Female Reproduction and Endangers the Future of the Human Race", Dr. Swan looks at the impact of environmental chemicals on the reproductive system and also on human sexuality.

Shanna Swan is one of the lead authors of a 2017 study that documented a significant decline in sperm counts in Western countries. A synthesis of 185 studies involving 42,935 men found that the total number of sperm cells decreased by 59% between 1973 and 2011. Swan, a reproductive epidemiologist, has pointed to the role of environmental chemicals in this trend. In her book she associates industrial chemicals in everyday products with a broad spectrum of transformations observed in recent years: increasing numbers of babies born with smaller penises, higher rates of erectile dysfunction, declining fertility, erosion of gender differences in some animal species and even, potentially, behaviours considered typical of each sex.

It is a very interesting and admirably well-sourced interview that we invite you to read.


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